Whozu Ft Mbosso X Billnass – Ameyatimba Remix

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Whozu, an accomplished Tanzanian recording artist specializing in Bongo Fleva, comedy, and singing, originally from Arusha and currently affiliated with the Too Much Money label, has just dropped his latest musical offering – the “Ameyatimba Remix.”


Ameyatimba Remix” is an ambitious collaboration between Whozu, Mbosso, and Billnass.

Each artist brings their own flavor and charisma to the table, resulting in a track that’s nothing short of spectacular.

The original “Ameyatimba” track by Whozu had already gained popularity for its catchy melody and lively beats. However, with the addition of Mbosso and Billnass, this remix takes the song to another level. Mbosso, known for his soulful and emotive vocals, adds depth and richness to the track, while Billnass infuses it with his lyrical prowess.

Listen to, “Whozu Ft Mbosso X Billnass – Ameyatimba Remix” below;

New Audio | Whozu Ft Mbosso X Billnass – Ameyatimba Remix | Mp3 Download

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