Ogopa Kopa Classic Band (Khadija Kopa ) – Mwanamke Jeuri 

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Khadija Kopa, the iconic figure of Taarab music, introduces her new band, Ogopa Kopa Classic Band, with their latest song “Mwanamke Jeuri,” which translates to “If a woman is violent, to punish her is to steal her husband.”

In this evocative composition, Khadija Kopa and her Ogopa Kopa Classic Band band delve into complex themes of relationships and society.

The song Mwanamke Jeuri invites reflection on the consequences of harsh judgments and actions in the context of domestic conflicts.

With her timeless talent, Khadija Kopa continues to use music as a powerful medium to address social issues and captivate audiences with her profound storytelling.

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