TAARAB AUDIO | Ogopa Kopa Classic Band  (Khadija kopa) – Mama mukubwa | Mp3 Download


Khadija Kopa and her renowned Ogopa Kopa Classic Band grace us with the enchanting audio track “Mama Mukubwa.”

Khadija Kopa, celebrated in the world of Taarab music, leads this mesmerizing performance, offering a tribute to the great matriarchs in our lives.

“Mama Mukubwa” captures the essence of maternal wisdom and love through evocative melodies and heartfelt lyrics, making it a timeless classic in their repertoire.

Join Khadija Kopa and the Ogopa Kopa Classic Band in this musical celebration of the cherished mother figures we hold dear.

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New Audio | Ogopa Kopa Classic Band  (Khadija kopa) – Mama mukubwa   | Mp3 Download 

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