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Khadija Kopa, the esteemed Queen of Taarab music, graces the airwaves once again with her latest release, ‘Mjini Chuo Kikuu,’

a poetic phrase translating to ‘Town and Cities Are the Highest Education Level.’

In this melodious composition, Khadija Kopa’s timeless voice serenades listeners, weaving a tapestry of wisdom and life lessons.

Mjini Chuo Kikuu‘ is a lyrical masterpiece that reflects on the rich tapestry of experiences found in urban settings, where every street corner is a classroom and every encounter a lesson.

As always, Khadija Kopa’s music transcends generations, offering a profound journey into the heart of Taarab music and the wisdom of urban life.

You can listen to the song below and leave your comments

New Audio | KHADIJA KOPA – MJINI CHUO KIKUU | Mp3 Download 

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