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Saraphina Michael, a Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist who secured victory in the 2018 Bongo Star Search, graces us with her latest musical creation, “Do Salale.” Recognized as Saraphina or Phina, she brings forth this new song that promises to captivate audiences with its melodious charm.

“Do Salale” narrates the poignant tale of a breakup, where a man departs from his partner due to unresolved issues. 

He expresses his dissatisfaction with their intimate life, perceiving a lack of effort from his partner to reignite their passion.

 The man believes that the relationship has not met his expectations, prompting him to offer an unconventional suggestion – advising his lady to seek a tutor to enhance their intimacy.

Phina, the lady at the heart of the narrative, acknowledges the end of the relationship, recognizing her inability to salvage what was once cherished, The breakup deeply wounds her, leading her to contemplate drowning her sorrows in alcohol. 

Paradoxically, she finds that alcohol awakens her dormant desires, leaving her torn between her yearning and the absence of a suitable partner to fulfill her needs.

Listen to, “Phina – Do salale” below;

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