Malindi (Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club )Rukia Ramadhan – Nnazama



       Rukia Ramadhani  is a veteran artist in the original taarab who has  many hits songs such as “Seleleya” and dam dam “and many others, singing with various groups like east african melody and ikhwan Swafaah Musical Club.

Rukia Ramadhani  won  Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Award As the best female Artist on taarab Music.

Today we are happy to bring you the song of “Rukia Ramadhani  ” go by the name of “Nnazama”  which means I am drowning.

In this song “Rukia Ramadhani”  she has talked about how she is drowning in love while asking her partner to help her out         

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Taarab is a music genre popular in Tanzania and Kenya. It is influenced by the musical traditions of the African Great Lakes, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. Taarab rose to prominence in 1928 with the advent of the genre’s first star, Siti binti Saad

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