Ottu Jazz Band [Msondo Ngoma] – Ndugu Hatuelewani

Msondo Ngoma Music Band (formerly NUTA Jazz Band, Juwata Jazz Band then OTTU Jazz Band) is the oldest and most famous dance music band from Tanzania. The band was founded in 1964. Famous musicians of OTTU Jazz Band are Joseph Lusungu, Mnenge Ramadhani Muhiddin Maalim, Hassani Bitchuka, Saidi Mabera and Moshi William.

In this song “Ndugu Hatuelerwani” he explained about a family that has many conflicts despite having many family members but it becomes difficult to cooperate.

Ottu Jazz Band [Msondo Ngoma] on this song have brought us a great lesson on life as it is now and a great one to consider and bring harmony to family members.

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