Exray Taniua Ft Mejja – Pesa Ndogo


Exray Taniua, the renowned Kenyan hip hop artist and member of the esteemed Boondocks music group, has made a triumphant return to the music scene with his latest track, “Pesa Ndogo.”

With their combined talents, Exray Taniua and Mejja bring fresh and invigorating energy to the Kenyan music industry through “Pesa Ndogo.”

 The track showcases their artistic growth and ability to craft thought-provoking music that simultaneously entertains and inspires. 

As listeners groove to the infectious beats, they are also encouraged to reflect on their own ambitions and strive for success.

Listen to, “Exray Taniua Ft Mejja – Pesa Ndogo” below;

New Audio | Exray Taniua Ft Mejja – Pesa Ndogo | Mp3 Download

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