William Ruto Promises To Work With All Leaders


Deputy President William Ruto has pledged to work with all leaders across the board so that no one feels left out in the running of the country.

Speaking after being declared the 2022 presidential winner on Monday, August 15, Ruto commended his main opponent Raila Odinga for having run an agenda campaign.

“I want to thank my worthy competitor Raila Odinga for a campaign in which we all dwelt on issues that we sold agendas to the people of Kenya,” Ruto said.

“I want to promise that I will work with all elected leaders and all leaders in Kenya to fashion a country that leaves no one behind. Kenyans have assigned us responsibilities, some will be in the executive and those who will oversight- all are important to the people of Kenya,” he added.

Ruto promised to work closely with the opposition to ensure his government has sufficient oversight.

“I will run a transparent, open democratic system and work with the opposition to the extent that they provide oversight to my administration,” Ruto said.

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