VIDEO : P Mawenge Ft. TK Nendeze – Nahamia Weusi

A hip hop artist from Tanzania is known as “P mawenge” who did well with his song called “Nionjeshe”

Today “P mawenge” has brought us his new song called “Nahamia Weusi

It will be recalled that “P Mawenge ” is among the artist who make up the “Kikosi Kazi”  hiphop group

A group that was in a heated exchange with a group from arusha called “Weusi

 With artists such as “G nako” and “Joh Makini” and “Niki Wapili”

In this song “p mawenge” has expressed his feelings and praised the group “Weusi

he has also shown maturity to continue praising all of  them and said if possible he will Join them, he has also encouraged to stop meaningless beef and encourage co-operation without hatred.

You can watch the Video Below and Leave Your comment :

New Video  | P Mawenge Ft. TK Nendeze – Nahamia Weusi | Mp4 Download 

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