TAARAB AUDIO | Malindi (Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club ) – Pendo la Wasikitisha

Musical Club taarab is a genre entirely related to the Swahili culture. Result of a meeting between the eighth century Bantu peoples from the Great Lakes region and Muslims browser descended from the Arabian Peninsula, the Swahili civilization is established throughout the East African coast (Swahili comes from the Arabic sahil, shore) of Somaliland to Mozambique. 

She has produced one of the main working languages ​​of the continent and original Creole music, the taarab is undoubtedly the most remarkable of all.
Today Malindi (Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club )has a new song go by the name of  ” Pendo la Wasikitisha

New Audio |     Malindi (Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club ) –  Pendo la Wasaikitisha | Mp3 Download 

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