Alikiba Reveal his Album ArtWork titled “Only One King”


Alikiba Drops his Album ArtWork titled “Only One King”

A greater news inà the media and music industry today is when Alikiba announces his album title and cover.

The award winning artist reveals his new album art work for his coming project titled ‘Only One King‘.

Alikiba also reveals that his album will be released on 7, October this year.

Judging from his previous three album, there is no doubts that ‘Only One King‘ will sell doubled in the music industry.

Only One King will be out in stores in next month, so all we have for you right now is what the cover will look like. We really cant wait to get our hands on it.

According to him, the day of releasing his album there will be a party ‘Listening Party‘ and promises to invite some few people for the launch of ‘Only One King‘ Album

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