Five stars Modern Taarab ( Mariam Hamis ) – Ndio Basi Tena | DOWNLOAD Mp3 SONG



Five Stars Modern Taarab, led by the talented Mariam Hamis, offers a captivating and melodic experience with their latest audio release, “Ndio Basi Tena,” which translates to “Yes, It’s Me Again.”
This ensemble beautifully combines the timeless melodies and heartfelt storytelling that define the Taarab music tradition.
Ndio Basi Tena” is a testament to their ability to deliver enchanting and soul-stirring music that resonates with a wide audience.
Mariam Hamis and Five Stars Modern Taarab continue to honor and revitalize the rich heritage of Taarab, captivating their listeners with their passion and artistry.
New Audio | Five stars Modern Taarab ( MARIAM HAMIS ) – Ndio Basi Tena | Mp3 Download

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