Shabiki wa Yanga – Tabumtingita

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“Shabiki wa Yanga” is an exciting musical for the die-hard fans of African Youth Sports Club (popularly known as Yanga) created by talented and versatile artist and comedian actor called Tabumtingita .

This vibrant, catchy song captures the passion and unwavering support that defines the true essence of football in Tanzania


 With its infectious rhythms and Tabumtingita’s joyful and spirited vocals, “Shabiki wa Yanga” instantly became an anthem for fans of this beloved football club know as Yanga or Wananchi .

The lyrics pay tribute to the dedicated fans who have supported Yanga through victories and defeats, demonstrating the unbreakable bond between the team and its supporters.


 The song captures the electric atmosphere of match days, the chants that ring throughout the stadium and the camaraderie that unites supporters over their love for Yanga.

It is a celebration of shared passion regardless of age, gender and background, bringing together a diverse community of supporters under the banner of their beloved club.


 “Shabiki wa Yanga” is more than just a song it’s the musical embodiment of the team’s heartbeat.

It was a rallying cry, igniting a spirit of solidarity among fans and inspiring them to clap louder, sing more proudly and come together to support Yanga.


 Tabumtingita’s talent shines in this production, adding a touch of humor and entertainment that reflects the joy and excitement that football brings to fans’ lives.

“Shabiki wa Yanga” is a testament to the power of music to unite, inspire and uplift, reminding us that in the world of football, fans are part of the game as well  like the players on the field.

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