Magic System – Premier Gaou

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Magic System, the iconic musical group hailing from the Ivory Coast, delivers a burst of infectious energy in their hit song ‘Premier Gaou,’ which translates to ‘First Fool.’

This lively track is a celebration of life and love, blending the vibrant sounds of Ivorian and African rhythms with a catchy melody that’s impossible not to dance to.

Premier Gaou‘ is a joyful anthem that has transcended borders and generations, making Magic System one of the most beloved musical groups in Africa and beyond.

Get ready to move to the rhythm of ‘Premier Gaou’ and let the music sweep you off your feet!”

The title literally means “First Fool” in urban Abidjan slang called Nouchi, The song contains an autobiographical account of lead singer Salif “A’Salfo” Traoré about his ex-girlfriend who tried to hook up with him again when he became famous.

Originally recorded in 1999and it became smash indie hit in France three years later. 

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